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       Dalian Sunlight International Logistics Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Sunlight” ),was established in 1995, which is an A-Class international logistics company in China. It is a professional logistics company full of vigor and enterprise .Our business scope covers consultation and service relating to marine transportation, bulk cargo transportation , airfreight and multi-transportation .We provide high-quality of services including: chartering ,booking shipping space, customs declaration, inspection, insurance ,trucking ,warehousing ,settlement etc. Sunlight can handle the import and export business from the main ports of China (Dalian , Tianjin , Qingdao, Shanghai etc.) to all over the world.

Our Services
Absolute advantage of our volume can guarantee vessel space even if it is over-booked.
Worldwide agency network guarantee high quality of services wherever you are.
sea transportation
Provide combined container transportation from Heilongjiang province and Jilin Province with the most competitive rate and faster railway.
Railway Transportation
Provide air freight transportation and courier services from China domestic to worldwide.
Ensure Punctual, Safety, Fast.
Air Freight
Efficient and accurate inland transportation are insured on the basis of our strongest motorcade and connective deliveries are served 24 hours per day.
Inland Transportation
Provide globally booking service at most ports of loading for imported cargoes
Import handling service
Provide free warehouse storage, loading supervision, taking photos for cargoes (Saving for 3 months) for our clients.
Depot Service
As the legal agent of PICC and TIANAN Insurance Company, we can provide the lowest insurance premium for clients. Since the established of the company, all compensate for cargo loss is100%.
Insurance Service
Professional custom specialist and inspection specialist can provide efficient and considerate declaration or inspection services which ensure clients’ ease.
Declaration or Inspection service
Providing financing valued-added service of export for trading corporation
Financing Service
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Passionate, Hospitable
Professional, Aggressive
Treat co-worker like own family
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